Below are listed some of the most common questions we are asked. If you cannot find the answer you are looking for here then please do contact us.


Q. Can you chrome or gold plate plastics?

A. Currently no as the old process was not up to the standards and durability we required. We are soon to introduce a new process which will enable us to produce a tough durable mirror finish on plastics, resins, glass and other non-conductive items. We have a 24 Carat gold plated golf ball in our gallery plated using our old process.

Q. Do you electroplate using tanks or do you just brush electroplate?

A. We electroplate using tanks and brush plating.

Q. Is brush plating really electroplating?

A. Yes, brush plating is electroplating. With a normal electroplating process the item to be plated is tank dipped. With brush plating the item is plated using a special type of swab through which a current is applied.

Q. Why should I use you?

A. We are a professional experienced company dedicated to providing a first class prompt, professional service. We have been serving customers in the UK and worldwide since 2008.

Q. Where in the UK are you based?

A. We are in Beverley on the Kilnbeck Industrial Estate, East Yorkshire.

Q. I am not sure on the colour of gold I require. Do you charge for samples?

A. Samples cost us time and money to produce and the Post Office charges us for delivery to you so yes we do levy a small charge for samples.

Q. How about your company and the environment?

A. Our brush plating process is very safe. Most tank electroplating chemicals are caustic and poisonous. Our brush plating chemicals are the most environmentally friendly and safest on the market.

Q. Do you sell gold plating kits and equipment?

A. Yes we stock a complete range of brush electroplating kits and electroplating related equipment in our online store.

Q. I’ve bought some new taps for my bathroom can I send them to you to plate before I fit them?

A. Yes, the main core of our business is mail related.

Q. Does the gold and silver plating last?

A. Cared for properly it will last and not wear through. Our gold and silver solutions are the best available in the UK and are durable and very hard wearing.

Q. Do you have to remove car badges to gold plate them?

A. No, we can gold plate them on your car. Our process and chemicals will not harm your paintwork in any way. Though we do prefer to electroplate them off your vehicle due to our work load.

Q. Can you gold plate alloy wheels?

A. We can gold plate chrome or nickel plated alloy wheels and even selectively plate the spokes or rims on some types should you wish for a two-tone wheel. The wheels must be new or in good condition.

Q. Why are there no prices on your website?

A. It’s often difficult to provide a quote without seeing the item(s) first. However, we are able to provide accurate estimates if you attach up to three pictures or drawings to our contact form showing the size and condition of your items.


Q. I am in the UK how do you ship your items?

A. We use Royal Mail and various couriers for all our UK customers. We generally return all work using the same/similar method as we receive it. All items are returned with Royal Mail/couriers standard insurance unless requested otherwise. We will not be held liable for any losses or damage caused by postal/courier services in any way whether inbound or outbound.

Q. I am located far away from your company how can I use your services?

A. Besides being very good at what we do here are 5 reasons why 97% of our work comes by either mail or courier:

1. Safe!
2. Fast!
3. Secure!
4. Insured standard amount. Additional insurance on request!
5. It’s EASY!

See our Mail and Courier page for full details.

Q. I am outside of the UK, how do you ship your items?

A. For all our worldwide customers we use either Airsure, International Signed For or Fedex.


Q. How can I pay you for your work?

A. We accept all major credit and debit cards, cash, cheque, bank transfer/deposit, Western Union and MoneyGram.


99.99% of all our work turns out beautifully but due to the nature and chemicals involved during the stripping, polishing and electro-plating process we will not be held liable whatsoever for any loss or damage incurred to any item(s) being worked on.