Gold Plated Kit Kat

April 19, 2016

These chocolate bars were actually made from brass and were presented as corporate gifts by Nestle of York.

The brass ‘Kit Kat Chunky’ bars were polished before being electro-plated in 24ct gold. The image below shows the actual product that we are all familiar with:

Kit Kat

The images below show the genuine 24ct gold plated version:



Our electroplating services include; copper, nickel, chrome, silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, rhodium, palladium and platinum.
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We have more new finishes coming soon.

Brushed Metal Finishes

February 6, 2016

As well as our usual polished metal finishing services we also offer a brushed metal finish. Brushed finishing is extremely popular on a wide range of items, especially household fittings such as showers and bath taps as well as jewellery items.

Though, nickel, yellow gold and rose gold are the most popular brushed finishing services we provide we can also apply it to copper, brass, silver and platinum.

The example below shows part of a new set of bathroom and shower fittings in polished chrome plate. The chrome was first electrochemically stripped off before the brushed gold finish could be applied.

polished chrome

brushed yellow gold
For more examples please see the images in our gallery.

For more information on having something brush finished please do get in touch through our contact form for friendly advice or a quotation.

Rose Gold Plating

December 27, 2015

Rose gold, also described as red or pink gold, is a gold and copper alloy that is made by adding copper to yellow gold.

Rose gold plating has become very popular in recent years and although used mostly for jewellery items such as rings, bracelets and necklaces we find ourselves regularly applying a rose gold finish to household taps and shower fittings as well as many other items including custom scooter and show car/bike parts.

Our rose gold is 18ct which has a 75% gold content. This is long lasting and will not tarnish leaving your jewellery and any other items you have electro plated in our rose gold looking beautiful and lustrous for a very long time.

Various finishes can be applied such as; polished, satin, matt and brushed rose gold, subject to the item being suitable for gold plating.


Our electroplating services also include; yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, palladium, rhodium, platinum, silver, nickel and chrome.

For more information on our rose gold plating service please get in touch through our contact form for friendly advice or a quotation.

Gold Plated Apple Watch

June 4, 2015

Why buy a solid gold Apple watch that technology-wise will be out of date and disposable in just a couple of years? To have your Apple watch gold plated works out at a little over 23 pence a day over two years of ownership for the gold plating alone. This makes ownership of a gold Apple watch affordable for everyone.

We can gold plate your stainless steel Apple watch in 18 carat or 24 carat yellow gold as in the images below. For something a little more luxurious we can also platinum plate your Apple watch.

Please take a look at the photos showing our work in the gallery.
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gold plated apple watch

gold plated apple watch

gold plated apple watch

gold plated apple watch

Brass Wind Instrument Repairs

October 2, 2014

We are often asked by musicians and brass wind retailers and repairers if we can repair the silver plating or gold plating on musical instruments such as the Tuba, Trumpet, Trombone, Clarinet and Saxophones, but to name a few.

We can replate the whole instrument but it is often much more practical and cost effective to simply repair the offending part as in the images below of a silver plated brass Tuba we recently repaired:



The repair is not noticeable to the naked eye and the customer was highly delighted with the work we carried out on his Tuba.

Our electroplating services include; silver, yellow gold, rose gold, white gold and platinum. For a complete list of all our gold plating and silver electroplating services and to find out what we can do for you as a musician or musical instrument retailer or repairer please contact us through our contact form for advice or a quotation.

Guerlain Bees – Paris

November 14, 2013

We recently worked with FullBlownMetals to gold plate 37 stainless steel bees for the House of Guerlain in Paris. Guerlain is a French Perfume House founded in 1828 and is one of the oldest in the world, the bee being the symbol of the house.

The founder of Guerlain, Pierre-François Pascal Guerlain, created perfume for the wife of French Emperor Napoleon III, Empress Eugénie de Montijo. Guerlain also went on to create perfumes for Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom and Queen Isabella II of Spain.

These stainless steel bees were inflated, mirror polished and then brush electro-plated by hand to match a specific gold colour sample that had to be first approved by Guerlain. Now completed, 35 out of the original 37 bees are now hanging in the reception area of the House of Guerlain in Paris.






Images kindly supplied by WILLBAUGH.

Rhodium Plating

May 29, 2013

Rhodium is one of the six members of the platinum group of metals and we provide an electroplating finishing service in three of these; platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Rhodium plating is often used on white gold to give it a nice bright white look. This is due to the fact that white gold is simply yellow gold with the addition of other metals to give it a white appearance, hence a man-made not naturally occurring metal.

There are various grades of white gold, the poorer being more yellow in appearance. Once rhodium plated the cheaper, more yellow, grades will look identical to the best grade of white gold and over time you will notice your nice bright white gold ring turning yellow; this is simply the rhodium plating wearing off revealing the true colour of the white gold underneath.

Being harder than platinum, rhodium can be brittle and prone to internal stressing and is only plated to a thin flash layer which is why white gold jewellery worn on a daily basis often has to be re-rhodium plated every 6 months or so. Rhodium plated jewellery worn on a less frequent basis can last for many years.

Another benefit of rhodium is to use it as a flash coat on silver jewellery and ornamental items to provide a tarnish free bright white appearance that requires virtually no polishing to maintain it.

Our rhodium plating will provide a scratch resistant, hard wearing, beautiful bright white lustrous finish that will enhance all your jewellery.

Please take a look at the images on our gallery page showing previous work and projects.

If you are interested in having something rhodium plated or have any questions regarding our rhodium plating service then please contact us.

The Opera ‘Caligula’

December 17, 2012

In April 2012 we worked on a project for The English National Opera ‘ENO’ in London to gold plate an AK47 for their new upcoming opera ‘Caligula’ which opened on Friday the 25 May 2012.

Caligula, also known as Gaius (meaning ‘little soldier’s boot’), was Roman Emperor from 37 AD to 41 AD. Surviving sources on Caligula’s reign centre upon his cruelty, extravagance, and sexual perversity, suggesting he was an insane tyrant. On one occasion whilst presiding over games, he ordered his guards to throw a complete section of the crowd into the arena to be eaten alive by animals due to the fact that there were no criminals to be prosecuted and he was bored. Caligula later became the first Roman emperor to be assassinated in early 41 AD.

Caligula offers a disturbing insight into the self-destructive logic driving a self-indulgent and dangerous dictatorship in the era of Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi.

Gold Plated AK47
The gold plated Kalashnikov used in the opera ‘Caligula’ can be seen during a performance in the images above and below.

Gold Plated Caligula AK47

The AK47 was delivered to us and gold plated in April 2012.

The English National Opera stage more new productions and contemporary opera than any other opera company in the United Kingdom. Having a world class reputation for distinctive and theatrical productions has also resulted in many high profile partnerships with opera houses from around the world, including the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich.

Browse the ENO website to see their latest upcoming productions.

Please contact us for advice or a quotation.

Photos by Johan Perrson used by kind permission of the ENO.

The Wallace Collection

April 27, 2012

Back in June 2009 we set about working on a project with top London architects to gold plate approx 42 metres of stainless steel trim to be used on display cabinets at the new Wallace Museum shop in London.

The Wallace Collection is a national museum which displays breathtaking works of art collected in the 18th and 19th centuries by the first four Marquesses of Hertford and Sir Richard Wallace, the son of the 4th Marquess. It was given to the British nation by Sir Richard’s widow, Lady Wallace, in 1897 and first opened to the public as a museum on the 22nd of June 1900.

This world-famous range of fine and decorative arts from the 15th to the 19th centuries is displayed at Hertford House, the main London townhouse of its former owners.

The gold plated trim can be seen, in the images above and below, along the edge of the counter top resting on the beautiful pure gold leafed cabinet panels.

The gold plated stainless steel trim was also used on the reception desk, cloakroom counter, shop till, counter donation boxes and lobby donation boxes.

The stainless steel trim to be gold plated was delivered to us and completed in March 2010.

Why not have a great day out and visit the Wallace Collection.

Find out what’s happening at the Wallace Museum.

Browse the Wallace Museum shop.

We are flexible, adaptable and are able to electroplate single items of jewellery right up to large commercial projects so please do contact us for advice or a quotation.

Rock Bottom – Pirate Booty!

December 27, 2011

A short while back, in fact quite a little longer than a short while back, we were asked to gold plate a one ounce silver doubloon replica coin. The doubloon was originally a Spanish coin which was used mid 16th to the mid 19th centuries. It was hand-struck from gold and is commonly referred to as a “gold piece”. The doubloon weighed approximately one ounce and was solid 22 karat gold.

The doubloon was also widely used in the West Indies and South America. Due to being made from almost pure gold the doubloon had value worldwide even where it wasn’t legal tender. Since much of the piracy that took place was between English and Spanish privateers, Spanish gold doubloons often formed English pirate booty.

The doubloon in the following video was actually 24 karat gold plated by us.

Amateur film maker, Robert Lorrimer made his short film “Rock Bottom” over two consecutive mornings at ‘Petit Bot Bay’ on the island of Guernsey armed with a Canon 7d DSLR, light weight tripod, a banana and a suitcase.

The following image ‘Compass and Coin’ shows the actual doubloon featured in the video and was kindly supplied by Robert Lorrimer.

More details on this film clip can be found here: Rock Bottom.

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