Rhodium Plating

May 29, 2013

Rhodium is one of the six members of the platinum group of metals and we provide an electroplating finishing service in three of these; platinum, rhodium and palladium.

Rhodium plating is often used on white gold to give it a nice bright white look. This is due to the fact that white gold is simply yellow gold with the addition of other metals to give it a white appearance, hence a man-made not naturally occurring metal.

There are various grades of white gold, the poorer being more yellow in appearance. Once rhodium plated the cheaper, more yellow, grades will look identical to the best grade of white gold and over time you will notice your nice bright white gold ring turning yellow; this is simply the rhodium plating wearing off revealing the true colour of the white gold underneath.

Being harder than platinum, rhodium can be brittle and prone to internal stressing and is only plated to a thin flash layer which is why white gold jewellery worn on a daily basis often has to be re-rhodium plated every 6 months or so. Rhodium plated jewellery worn on a less frequent basis can last for many years.

Another benefit of rhodium is to use it as a flash coat on silver jewellery and ornamental items to provide a tarnish free bright white appearance that requires virtually no polishing to maintain it.

Our rhodium plating will provide a scratch resistant, hard wearing, beautiful bright white lustrous finish that will enhance all your jewellery.

Please take a look at the images on our gallery page showing previous work and projects.

If you are interested in having something rhodium plated or have any questions regarding our rhodium plating service then please contact us.

Wristwatches & Clocks

September 21, 2011

The gold, silver, palladium and platinum plating of modern and vintage watches and clocks, is a great way to rejuvenate your beloved timepieces whether they are just old and worn or scratched from accidental damage. This process involves stripping and polishing before electroplating a precious metal over the base metal. Non-precious metals, such as nickel and chrome, are often utilized as a final finish too.

We also electroplate wristwatch and clock parts such as bracelets, folding buckles, clasps, bezels, cases and crowns. We can also electroplate the markers on your replacement watch dial to compliment the watch it is being fitted to.

Although gold plating is a common electroplated finish we also electroplate wristwatches in silver, white gold and palladium. These often being 18 carat gold plated, we can, of course, colour match selected parts for that perfect finish thus avoiding the need and cost of having to have the whole piece gold plated.

White gold plating is a very popular choice. After all, a 9k yellow gold watch looks beautiful in 18k white gold plate. Platinum also makes a fabulous transformation as well as palladium, palladium being one of the six platinum-group metals. The appearance of palladium is very similar to that of platinum and it offers virtually the same outstanding durability and beauty at a reduced cost.

We can easily produce a bi-metal gold plating effect should you require alternate watch bracelet links electroplated in yellow gold and white gold. This can also be followed through onto the watch case by electroplating the case and bezel in contrasting gold plated finishes. We can electroplate your treasured timepiece in any of the precious metals we offer including; yellow gold, white gold, rose gold and green gold, platinum, palladium and silver. We also offer nickel plating which is often favoured on pocket watches and chains.

The diamond set stainless steel Tag Heuer bracelet shown in our gallery is an example of a selective gold plated bracelet.

Whether your watches and parts have gemstones or enamel inserts presents no problem for the gold electroplating process. Our electroplating bath temperatures and solutions are safe on precious and non-precious stones as well as enamel. Your treasured timepiece will be beautifully enhanced giving it a new lease of life that will last for many years.

We offer a fast and safe gold plating service on all your wristwatches, pocket watches, clocks and parts.

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Jewellery Makeover

November 27, 2009

It is becoming increasingly common for our customers to request a jewellery makeover. This involves electroplating a precious metal over an existing precious metal, or even over non-precious metals such as stainless steel as can be seen in the images below. The image below shows the stainless steel ring polished prior to gold plating.

Currently platinum over gold is very popular as is silver over copper. We can give your existing jewellery a makeover in any of the following precious metals; 9-24 carat yellow gold plating, white gold, rose gold, platinum, palladium and silver. We can even selectively plate your treasured piece in a combination of precious metals, for example, gold and platinum for a 2-tone finish. See our gallery page for examples.

The following image shows the ring in its completed state – 9 carat gold plated.

Palladium is one of the six platinum group metals and is becoming increasingly popular due to its platinum-like appearance. Palladium is a less expensive alternative to platinum and offers excellent durability.

Having a jewellery makeover will not only greatly enhance its beauty and give it a new lease of life but is hard wearing and will last for many years if cared for properly. If you would like a quotation or advice please use our contact form.

Watch Bands & Rings

October 25, 2009

Whether or not a watch band can be gold electroplated depends entirely on the material it is made from. If it is made of stainless steel, most jewellers do not have the capability to electroplate the band adequately. If they can do it the plate would likely be quite thin and quickly wear through. Also, if the band has steel parts in it, electroplating solutions can be contaminated. You will find that it is quite difficult to find a jeweller who would attempt a watch band.

Jewellers often send watch bracelets out for plating, as well as rings, bracelets and necklaces. They will generally go to a plating company specializing in that type of work with high level equipment and experience to be able to electroplate thick enough for lasting durability. Jewellers often send items to us for estimates and to ensure they get the work done properly.

Unlike a watch band, gold plating a ring would not be difficult for any jeweller with gold plating equipment and solutions. Though, the thickness and durability of the gold plate cannot be guaranteed with most jewellery store gold plating services done in-house. For guaranteed results, we would suggest your items be sent to us at Pure Gold Plating.

Various items sold on internet auction sites for colouring metals and adding a microscopic silver or gold colour generally do not last long and are not effective overall. Purchasers of such items often find this form of plating will only last a few weeks, if that.

Rhodium is a precious metal often used in jewellery and is one of the six platinum group metals. Rhodium, as well as palladium, is a less expensive alternative to platinum. Palladium is becoming more widely used in place of rhodium due to its platinum-like appearance, excellent durability and cost. A very useful application for palladium is electroplating palladium over silver. Not only does this increase durability of the silver but ensures that the silver does not tarnish!

These plated finishes are hard wearing and may not need to be redone for many years if cared for properly.

Platinum Plating

August 26, 2009

Platinum is an extremely rare metal, occurring as only 0.003 parts-per-billion in the Earth’s crust, and is 30 times rarer than gold. It is sometimes mistaken for silver but platinum is whiter in appearance.

Platinum plating is ideally suited to jewellery due to its beautiful bright lustre and long lasting durability and being 60% heavier than gold is also denser and stronger making it more resistant to damage. It will also retain its lustre longer as it does not tarnish.

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Gold Plating Kits & Equipment

December 6, 2008

The basic kit for electro brush plating consists of the following equipment; rectifier, leads, wands, swabs & chemical solutions. This small plating kit will enable you to gold & silver plate (with the correct solutions & additional sundry items) but it’s no business as it stands. You will also need to make many additions to your kit as you go along & this can be costly.

We include all the gold & silver plating equipment needed in the complete ready to go business package we offer. We even include a double ended polisher complete with mops & compounds plus a top model professional ultrasonic cleaner & even provide you with a website & training with free ongoing support!

    This turns a very complete  & capable gold & silver plating kit into a complete ready to go business for both static & mobile use.

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