Gold Plating Kits

July 2, 2012

All our plating kits plus gold & silver plating solutions can be found in our online shop here: Pure Gold Plating Online Shop.

Stocking almost 100 products we offer a full range of gold plating kits, chrome plating kits plus spares & accessories including carbon brick anodes/electrodes, platinised titanium electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, brush plating wands, brush plating swabs, power rectifiers & now brush electro plating solutions.

Pure Gold Plating offer gold plating kits & equipment, including gold pen plating kits, all backed up with a comprehensive range of spares & accessories. These range from complete gold plating kits, silver plating kits & chrome plating kits that can be used to gold, silver & chrome plate watches, rings, bath taps & much more including the gold, silver & chrome plating of non-conductive items such as plastic & wood.

Our chrome plating kits enable you to copper, nickel & chrome plate small to medium sized items. We have had customers chrome plate scooter exhausts & wheel rims using our chrome plating kits.

Brush plating kit spares & accessories that we stock include; power plating rectifiers, gold plating machines, ultrasonic cleaners, brush plating electrodes including stainless steel, carbon & platinised titanium in both 6mm round rod & flat electrode forms complimented with a comprehensive selection of brush plating swabs that are long lasting & reusable. You will also find 6mm electrode wand handles, fully repairable 4mm banana plug test leads & sundry laboratory items such as measuring & plating solution storage beakers.

If the brush plating kit you are looking for is dependent upon a budget we also stock small stand–alone gold, silver & chrome plating kits.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Then please email us with your requirements as we can put together custom brush gold plating kits to suit your specific needs and/or budget.

For gold plating kits & equipment head over to our online shop to browse our products.

If you would like to get in touch with us please use our contact form.

Pure Gold Plating Shop

April 27, 2009

We now offer a complete range of gold & silver plating machines & related equipment including gold & silver plating kits, ultrasonic cleaners, bench top polishers, mops & compound bars, spares & accessories.

For full details please see our online shop.

Why not purchase our complete Business Package? This is a complete ready to go business including all equipment, solutions, training, website & complete support for as long as you need us!

For full details please see our business opportunity.

Gold Plating Kits & Equipment

December 6, 2008

The basic kit for electro brush plating consists of the following equipment; rectifier, leads, wands, swabs & chemical solutions. This small plating kit will enable you to gold & silver plate (with the correct solutions & additional sundry items) but it’s no business as it stands. You will also need to make many additions to your kit as you go along & this can be costly.

We include all the gold & silver plating equipment needed in the complete ready to go business package we offer. We even include a double ended polisher complete with mops & compounds plus a top model professional ultrasonic cleaner & even provide you with a website & training with free ongoing support!

    This turns a very complete  & capable gold & silver plating kit into a complete ready to go business for both static & mobile use.

  • Full details on our gold & silver plating business opportunity.
  • Our range of gold plating kits & equipment is in our online shop.

Gold & Silver Plating Business

December 6, 2008

Would you like your own gold & silver plating business? Have no experience? Don’t know where to start?

We offer a complete gold & silver plating business package for sale which, includes; training with real hands on experience, all gold & silver plating equipment & solutions including double ended bench polisher & ultrasonic cleaner, fully functioning website complete with 1 years free hosting on our dedicated servers, domain name of your choice (subject to availability), free 0800 technical helpline and full support throughout to help you achieve your business goals.

This is not a franchise & you will own your complete business outright & all your profits are yours to keep.

For full details & available options please see our business opportunity.

Our Chemicals & The Environment

July 13, 2008

All our work is performed by brush plating. Brush plating is less wasteful and uses less hazardous and more environmentally friendly chemicals than tank plating.
Most tank electroplating chemicals are caustic and poisonous. Our brush plating chemicals are the most environmentally friendly and safest on the market.