Brushed Metal Finishes

February 6, 2016

As well as our usual polished metal finishing services we also offer a brushed metal finish. Brushed finishing is extremely popular on a wide range of items, especially household fittings such as showers and bath taps as well as jewellery items.

Though, nickel, yellow gold and rose gold are the most popular brushed finishing services we provide we can also apply it to copper, brass, silver and platinum.

The example below shows part of a new set of bathroom and shower fittings in polished chrome plate. The chrome was first electrochemically stripped off before the brushed gold finish could be applied.

polished chrome

brushed yellow gold
For more examples please see the images in our gallery.

For more information on having something brush finished please do get in touch through our contact form for friendly advice or a quotation.

Gold Plating Kits

July 2, 2012

All our plating kits plus gold & silver plating solutions can be found in our online shop here: Pure Gold Plating Online Shop.

Stocking almost 100 products we offer a full range of gold plating kits, chrome plating kits plus spares & accessories including carbon brick anodes/electrodes, platinised titanium electrodes, stainless steel electrodes, brush plating wands, brush plating swabs, power rectifiers & now brush electro plating solutions.

Pure Gold Plating offer gold plating kits & equipment, including gold pen plating kits, all backed up with a comprehensive range of spares & accessories. These range from complete gold plating kits, silver plating kits & chrome plating kits that can be used to gold, silver & chrome plate watches, rings, bath taps & much more including the gold, silver & chrome plating of non-conductive items such as plastic & wood.

Our chrome plating kits enable you to copper, nickel & chrome plate small to medium sized items. We have had customers chrome plate scooter exhausts & wheel rims using our chrome plating kits.

Brush plating kit spares & accessories that we stock include; power plating rectifiers, gold plating machines, ultrasonic cleaners, brush plating electrodes including stainless steel, carbon & platinised titanium in both 6mm round rod & flat electrode forms complimented with a comprehensive selection of brush plating swabs that are long lasting & reusable. You will also find 6mm electrode wand handles, fully repairable 4mm banana plug test leads & sundry laboratory items such as measuring & plating solution storage beakers.

If the brush plating kit you are looking for is dependent upon a budget we also stock small stand–alone gold, silver & chrome plating kits.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Then please email us with your requirements as we can put together custom brush gold plating kits to suit your specific needs and/or budget.

For gold plating kits & equipment head over to our online shop to browse our products.

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Chrome Plating

September 25, 2011

The vast majority of our chrome plating work is basin taps, shower & bathroom fittings. These are often old & discontinued & it can be virtually impossible to find replacements to match the existing set. If you are lucky enough to locate replacements you’ll often find it can be more cost effective to have the old ones re-plated.

Chrome plating is the technique of electroplating a thin layer of chromium onto an object. This decorative chrome layer provides outstanding corrosion resistance, as well as being easy to clean & care for. It is also a much cheaper final finish in comparison to precious metals such as gold & platinum.

Chrome is commonly applied to the following items:

  • Lighting, interior & exterior
  • Door handles & letterboxes
  • Bathroom & shower fittings
  • Toilet flush, chains & loo roll holders
  • Interior & exterior car parts including plastic badges
  • Motorcycle & scooter parts

An increasing amount of plastics are also chrome plated such as toilet push-button flushes, mobile phones & car parts. The chrome plating can be chemically stripped away revealing the underlying nickel which can then be electroplated in another finish such as gold or platinum.

All our work upon completion, whether it is in chrome or any other finish we offer, passes through our strict quality control checks before being returned to our customers. Rest assured our chrome plating really is the best chrome plating available. Items such as bathroom fittings, car & motorcycle parts in need of extensive restoration & refinishing could take anywhere from 7 – 14 days.

Please take a look at the photos showing our work in the gallery.
If you would like an item electroplating or you have any questions then please contact us.

Gold Plating Taps & Bathroom Fittings

July 18, 2008

As part of our daily work we are often gold plating bath taps, sink, shower & bathroom fittings. The majority of these are old & simply cannot be replaced in order to match the existing set. If you’re lucky enough to find replacements it’s often more cost effective to have the old ones re-plated.

Gold is the most common precious metal that we use to brush electroplate bathroom fittings including the gold plating of copper pipe work. We can electroplate your items with any precious metal including; 9-24 carat yellow gold plate, 18 carat white gold, rose gold, platinum, silver & chrome.

A bi-metal effect can be achieved by simply plating the tap top in yellow gold & the tap body in white gold. Any combination is possible it’s all down to your personal preference. Please see our gallery photos for examples.
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The photo above shows a customer’s recently restored 20 year old bathroom fittings. The customer’s comments on the work we carried out for them is below.

“Dear Pure Gold Plating,

The recently replated taps and fittings are now in place and, in the words of our plumber, look `magnificent’. We are delighted with your work, carried out in a friendly and efficient manner, and appreciate you going to the trouble of getting the extra bits required to finish the job properly. We shall certainly have no hesitation in recommending your services, as will our plumber who was very impressed.

Thank you once again for all your efforts.

Kind regards
G Nock”

More of our customer comments can be seen on our testimonials page.