Brushed Metal Finishes

February 6, 2016 · Print This Article

As well as our usual polished metal finishing services we also offer a brushed metal finish. Brushed finishing is extremely popular on a wide range of items, especially household fittings such as showers and bath taps as well as jewellery items.

Though, nickel, yellow gold and rose gold are the most popular brushed finishing services we provide we can also apply it to copper, brass, silver and platinum.

The example below shows part of a new set of bathroom and shower fittings in polished chrome plate. The chrome was first electrochemically stripped off before the brushed gold finish could be applied.

polished chrome

brushed yellow gold
For more examples please see the images in our gallery.

For more information on having something brush finished please do get in touch through our contact form for friendly advice or a quotation.


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